5 Ways Hair Loss Can Affects your Emotions and Feelings

We are living at a time where people are more conscious about their looks. While at first women were considered to take more interest in their hair affairs, men have finally caught up and get bothered by premature baldness or hair loss in particular. In a way, hair is part of our identity and even through hair loss is a physical occurrence, it is more of an emotional struggle for the affected. Nobody wants to lose their hair and when that happens, it leaves them facing some distressing emotional challenges. You might be wondering how hair loss affects emotions and feelings and this article is aimed at sensitizing you to be kinder to people with hair loss.  When one loses their hair, they start developing body image issues and are dissatisfied with their personal appearance. This results in the following emotional problems:

  • Low self-esteem

Nothing makes one feel good and all glammed up like a head full of well styled hair. When hair starts falling out, we begin to wonder how people will view us, what kind of comments they will say behind our back and we even start to imagine they will make snide comments. Once such thoughts start running through the mind, we start developing esteem issues and even start avoiding social scenes.

  • Worry of looking older

Youthfulness is somehow attached to a head full of hair and people think only the old people experience hair loss. That’s a misleading myth as hair loss can occur to anybody! When people start losing hair, they automatically feel like their desirability is drastically lowered as hair loss makes one look a bit older than they actually are.

  • Fear of looking unattractive

Imagine not being able to style your hair as you desire? Imagine not being able to go to the salon and have your hair straightened out? This can be devastating for any person! More often than not, people experiencing hair loss tend to spend their time with caps and hats irrespective of the
weather, just to hide their condition.

  • Humiliation and teasing

The sad thing about hair loss is the lack of emotional support from friends and family. They really don’t understand what the affected person is going through emotionally so they tease and humiliate them. It might be funny to the one making jokes but it just ends up lowing the esteem of the affected person.

  • Damaged social life

When a person starts experiencing hair loss, they tend to withdraw from social life so as to avoid teasing. They are afraid of being asked embarrassing questions and being thought older than they actually are. While at first they might have been a vibrant social person, when hair loss klicks in, they become shy and try to avoid social scenes.

Yes, hair loss is a physical occurrence but its emotional effects reach deep. To some people, the loss of hair affects them positively and they start engaging in physical exercise and dressing nicer to divert the attention from their condition. Whichever way hair loss affects a person, they deserve emotional love and support from people around them.


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