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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Methods: How To Restore Hair Loss

If you’re looking for non-surgical hair replacement options, we have carefully picked out the best methods anyone can use to provide hair care. Just because you have started experiencing hair loss does not mean you are destined to be bald for life.  All around the world, millions of men and women are suffering from hair loss. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 50% of men and women would rather choose to restore their hair over friends or more money.

With such demand for hair, many people have chosen to restore their hair through the surgical method. But just like every other type of surgery, it comes with various health dangers and risks. With the non-surgical hair loss method, there is no need choosing between the two. We have carefully handpicked the best non-surgical hair loss methods to keep your hair growing and to boost your confidence.


One of the commonest options for a non-surgical hair loss restoration is over the counter kind of medications. Despite the numerous ointments, creams, and other various medical scalp stimulants, there are only few products which have been ratified by the FDA:


Also called Minoxidil, Rogaine is applied to the scalp in 3% or 5% solution. Although Rogaine does not stop the cause of hair loss, it enables the hair follicles to breathe in a clean environment. It usually work better for women.


This is one the best male pattern baldness solution to hair loss. Men and women who suffer from hair thinning or balding can pick from products like hair weaving, hair fusions, hair extensions, hair pieces, hair replacement wigs and hair prostheses. Sometimes, when working with a wig or hair specialist, these hair replacement methods could appear to be somewhat effortlessly. Working with a hair restoration specialist (physician) is the best thing to do in order to ensure an excellent result. There are still a few things you need to consider to ensure your hairpiece will fit. For one, the materials used in a hairpiece can be made of synthetic materials or human hair, or a combination of the both.


In this example of non-surgical hair loss replacement method, individuals suffering from hair loss can now look forward to having a completely new head filled with natural looking hair in less than an hour. With virtual reality for men and women, everyone can have a full head of nice looking hair with zero pains and the high cost that comes with surgery.


We aren’t quite sure how this type of therapy actually works to put a stop to hair loss. This method may help to develop the hair follicles.  Other benefits include speeding up the reproduction rate of cells, or improve how the cells work. Low-level lasers do not get hot, burn tissue, or hurt. What they are good at is channeling the blood flow directly to your hair roots.  This in turn provides the energy and nutrients which your hair needs to grow. Laser hair treatments are done in your physician’s office or at home, using a headband, laser comb, or a small helmet that can fits under a baseball hat. The result? Shinier, fuller, healthier, and thicker hair.


Micro-needling is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy.  This popular non-surgical hair loss restoration method deals with treating wrinkles and other human skin imperfections. Micro-needling works to activate the body’s natural healing process and create new cells.  The new cells that are produced will contain healthier hair follicles, causing the growth of a healthy and strong hair.

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